1. Hadith Collections About Marriage

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book 62

Sahih Muslim: Book 8

Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 11

2. Divorce in Islam:

Divorce and Khul’ah in Islam

Divorce and Child Custody in Islam

Iddah (Waiting Period After Divorce or Death of Husband): Wisdom & Rulings

Laws of Divorce in Islam

Talaaq: Divorce on the Scales of Islamic Sharia’h

3. Relationship Between Husband and Wife in Islam:

Husband’s Obligations

Wife’s Obligations

Some Husband and Wife Issues

Reviving Our Sense of Gheerah

Pearls of Wisdom: A Mother’s Advice to Her Daughter

4. Obligation to Parents:

The Etiquette of Dealing With Parents from ‘Etiquettes of Life in Islam

Acts to Benefit a Deceased Person (Such as a Parent)


5. Polygyny (Polygamy) in Islam:

The Second Wife

To My Dearest Sisters… From a Co-Wife

Polygyny: A Blessing in Disguise

6. Domestic Violence/Marital Abuses in Muslim Families:

Islam’s View on Domestic Violence

Wife Abuse in the Muslim Community

Twelve Tips for Imams in the West for Dealing with Domestic Violence

Authority and the Abuse of Power in Muslim Marriages

Islamic Women’s Patron: Honors for the Protector of Battered Muslims