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Siddiq Alvi was brought up in a well-established rural family from south Punjab. He got his post-graduation degree in Law from Punjab University and later pursued a LLM from SM Law College Karachi. He also hold a Masters in Political Science from Bahauddin Zikria University & a Masters in International Relations from Karachi University.

He started his professional career as an advocate in Rajanpur District of Punjab. Later he joined Punjab Police as a Prosecutor and got trained from Sihala, later serving as a Public Prosecutor in 5 districts of Punjab.

Five years later, he joined Pakistan Customs in Karachi after qualifying a competitive examination and served the institution for over 29 years. He held various roles including Senior Law Officer, Senior Investigating & Prosecution Officer, Senior Anti-Smuggling Officer, Senior Drug Enforcement Officer, and as Senior Baggage Examination Officer. During his service, he was elected as President of Preventive Officers Association in Custom House Karachi. He mastered the skill of Public Relations, face reading, investigating through interaction and developing an insight of people behaviors and relationships.

Post retirement, he starting writing as a freelance journalist and columnist for various leading newspapers on social, political and cultural issues. He felt a dire deficit of a honest and fair mediator between deserving families to develop social and cultural classes for ultimately helping them look for suitable matches for their loved ones.


To become a tool for managing new social change of finding suitable matches for urban and rural families for their children with diverse social, cultural values and classes.

  • To support the matrimonial relationship by eliminating any non-religious and social traditions that corrupt the society and deprive potential match making.
  • To eliminate the concept of same caste, creed, tribe and family marriages and free the society from restricting appropriate matches beyond such boundaries.
  • To free the society of illegitimate demands solicited during or before marriage by either side, more commonly from the groom’s side.
  • Support the deprived members of this society; blind, deaf & dumb, physically impaired, challenged in any way. These people are treated with utmost respect and are supported for marriage. Their cases will be dealt Fe Sabeel Illah (without any fee).
  • Special consideration and support for Widows, Senior Citizens, late marriages, 2nd marriages and likewise.
  • We are taking responsibility of ensuring match making with thorough background checks for Overseas Pakistanis, with special emphasis on local as well as foreign status of the registered families.

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