Social Dilemma: Fast urbanization, breakup of joint family system, caste system and tribal unity has created a vast gap between families. It has become even harder for families to mix up with likeminded and common value sharing families.

It is now getting difficult to get information about families due to urban expansion and changes in social structure. Keeping in view this rising social drift, we aim to gather data of interested families and provide it to deserving and desiring families to encourage social interaction and ultimate match making for their loved ones.



To match social, cultural and religious needs by providing trustworthy information to the families and couples with sincerity and confidentiality.


Arrange matches keeping in view the social, cultural and religious values to promote happy families.


To become a tool for managing new social change of finding suitable matches for urban and rural families for their children with diverse social, cultural values and classes.

  • To serve and facilitate overseas Pakistanis in finding suitable matches.
  • Arrange suitable matches for divorced as well as senior citizens.
  • To become a bridge between Overseas Pakistanis and domestic families for creating liaison and understanding for potential matches for their children.